21 Day Fix Restaurant Tips


1. I only drink water or unsweetened iced tea, but the restaurant guide also allows for sparkling water if you are feeling adventurous.

2. If you are still feeling like having more to eat, opt for a hot cup of coffee or tea.  You cannot drink it fast, so it will help you pass time while talking with friends and not feeling tempted to order more food.

3. Beer and cocktails should be avoided, instead opt for wine (4 oz), which is equal to a yellow container so you can switch it out for a serving of carbs.

4. Order your food without butter or condiments unless they are fat free.  Food is good enough with salt and pepper.  Or choose a non fat salad dressing or condiment if you must have something.  I’d rather see you eat a little more healthy food than be tempted by an overly caloric and fattening dish that is going to throw your whole week off track.

5. There are several plain food options, such as salads, veggies, sweet potatoes, grilled steak, and baked salmon.  Don’t go crazy once you see all those choices on the menu.  Get a salad with grilled chicken or fish, or get an entree with vegetables.  Once you eat it, decide if you need more, don’t tempt yourself too much in the beginning.  Remember you don’t want to undo all your hard work and this meal will be just as good as any other.

6. If the table orders a desert, only have one spoonful or taste.  This will be enough to take the edge off and you will be happier to partake in the sharing than trying to abstain.

7. You will be able to determine the correct portion sizes just by looking at your plate. Vegetables should take up 1/3 to 1/2 of the plate. Your meat takes up 1/4 and your carb should take up 1/4.  Also you can use the size of your hand to determine 2 handfuls of vegetables and one handful of meat, fish or carb (size of your palm).  You can also ask for a to-go box to help you store all extra food.

8. Check online restaurant menus beforehand to familiarize yourself with what food they offer, so that your eating choices are smart.

9. If you are not confident in eating out while on the 21 day fix program, you should carry along the eating plan with you to help determine the right foods and the right portions. This guide has a list of meals that you are allowed to eat, making your job much easier.

10. Don’t go to the restaurant starving; this will definitely lead to overeating!

With this restaurant guide you don’t have to turn down invitations or carry portion control containers when you eat out. The 21 day fix is a flexible and accommodating program that will support your nutritional efforts each step of the way.

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