Are You Really That Busy?


Eventually I had to admit I wasn’t really too busy to work out.  I just didn’t want to do it.  I guess excuse making is our way of delaying the inevitable.  What finally dawned on me was that if I didn’t make the time, it was never going to happen.  I had to decide, do I want to get back into working out or not?  At first I wondered, maybe I can just get used to this.  The problem was I didn’t feel good on a daily basis.  I was tired and never in a good mood.

I noticed I felt even worse when I ate too much for dinner or lunch, so  I started experimenting with lighter meals and more exercise.  Sure enough, on the days I did a good job with my meals and my exercise,  I felt better all day and I slept better at night.  Small changes make a big difference at first.  You don’t have to change everything and live some perfect life where you become a vegan and exercise 2 hours a day.  In fact, you should start building healthy habits one at a time.

Most of the people I work with agree that this is a good way to get started.  It may take a couple months or more, I would not work on more than two of these steps at a time.  You may even only want to take on one step at a time.  Either way, you won’t regret getting started.  Let me know what you think!

  1. Drinking more water, it’s free and it will help you keep your health on your mind.
  2. Get eight hours of sleep.  Again, it’s free and it will help you feel better in the morning and throughout the day so that you have the energy to do other things.
  3. Add Shakeology to your diet, don’t worry about any of your other habits just yet.  Simply adding Shakeology to your diet will immediately improve your health by giving you all the daily nutrition you need.  There is no easier way to get a day’s worth of vitamins and nutrients, and it’s a full meal so you are not wasting your money on supplements, you are spending your money on whole foods and super foods.
  4. Start walking and stretching.  Aim for 3 workouts a week that last 30 minutes.  Don’t try to do more.  You may be tempted because you are feeling better and more energetic, but I caution you not to take on too much too fast. Not only do some people feel like they failed if they can’t do the workouts they planned, but honestly it just isn’t necessary until you get your nutrition under control and start building some positive habits.  Remember you weren’t doing anything, you don’t need to become an Olympian in the first month.
  5. Begin the 21 Day Fix so that you can start working on your eating habits and introduce an easy to follow exercise routine.  The 21 Day Fix meal plan is easy to follow, and the workouts are just 30 minutes a day and are all different so you won’t get bored and you can do different intensity levels depending on your fitness level.  It’s an excellent value.

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