How to get back and STAY on track!


How to get back and STAY on track:

Decide on what you want and why you want it.  Until you make the connection on WHY you want to do this and WHY it is important, you will continue to struggle.  Once we know we have to do a certain amount of work in order to accomplish our goals, we can start to make the time available even when we don’t feel like it.

Commit to your WHY, it is time to make a plan.  You won’t accomplish anything without a plan of action!  Now, you have to be ready to work, but don’t box yourself in too much if this is new to you.  Commit only to what you know you can do, and increase your commitment only when you are able to complete your current commitment.  For example, if walking 3-4 times a week seems like you won’t be able to do it with your schedule, then that is a bad plan and you don’t want to set that.  Pick something that you know you will be able to complete.

Believe you are worth it and that you can do it.  Things will happen in your day to day life that you will not be able to avoid, so do not let that affect your belief system.  Also, you need to be positive and avoid negativity because negative thoughts are the number one killer of motivation. If you catch yourself thinking it does not matter if I do this one thing or not, that is negative.  You need to keep only positive thoughts that say, I will really benefit from doing this (even if I cannot see it in this moment, I trust that it is true).

Celebrate every victory.  Remember each day and each week add up. If you can make it through each week doing more than you did the week before, then you are making progress.  At the end of every day and every week and every month, look back to the day you started and appreciate and give yourself credit for how far you have come since then.

Be accountable to yourself or a challenge group like this one 5 Day Fitness Challenge don’t just view it as posting pictures and liking comments.  View it as helping others and helping yourself by surrounding yourself with the right influences.  This gives your journey more significance!  When you are part of a team your chances of succeeding are much higher!

Embrace the process.  Are you in this to lose a few lbs and go right back to your same old life?  or are you in this to change your life and change your health so that you have a better future?  Learn from your setbacks, if you tend to cheat at night or on the weekend, or skip meals when you get busy, learn from that and put a plan in place to avoid those pitfalls.  The highs and lows of the journey are necessary in creating a lifetime of success!

Stop comparing yourself to others.  You don’t know their genetics, you don’t know how much time they have.  They may just have more mental energy than you, it does not make them better than you.  Someone else’s circumstances are completely irrelevant to your success.  All you can work with is the time and energy and emotion you have. So work on maximizing those resources and focus on being better than you were yesterday!


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