JUMP START your weight loss – 3 day refresh


This is one of my favorite ways to jump start my weight loss.  I like to do this when I’ve been out of the habit due to the holidays or a vacation because it forces me to recommit.  From day 1 of the 3 Day Refresh, you feel your body changing and returning to normal.  The first time I did the 3 Day Refresh, I wasn’t sure what to expect but here is what I experienced:

Day 1 – I struggled a little to prepare my food, ran to the grocery store to get more ingredients, so I recommend planning in detail what you are going to cook if it is a variation from what you normally prepare.  The surprising part though was I started feeling better right away. I was so full and bloated from the week before (where I did almost no exercise and was traveling so my diet was horrible).  I was worried I would be hungry but I was focused on following the plan, so it wasn’t bad.  I did not exercise because I just wanted to see how I felt with the change in diet.

Day 2 – since the day 1 weigh in, I lost 2 lbs .  This was very motivating so I was looking so forward to following the plant for day 2.  Again, I did not plan to exercise.  I was very busy this day at work, so I wrote out my schedule and I packed everything I needed and just followed the plan again.  Sure enough the day went by and I got home and relaxed for an hour watching TV but felt great.  Then went to bed thinking this is great, there is only one more day and I wonder how much weight I will lose when I weigh in tomorrow!?!

Day 3 – since the previous day I lost more 3 lbs  that 5 lbs in total since I started!  Also I was feeling very light and refreshed.  I was truly impressed with this program and at this point I am starting to feel my motivation and dedication to my goals.  Not only was this a “REFRESH” in the physical sense, this program really helped me renew my commitment to my goals and remind me why I wanted to stay on track now that my travel schedule is over and I am getting back to my normal life.  I was feeling very excited!

Final Progress – since the previous weigh in I lost 2 more lbs and 7 lbs total in just 3 days.  More importantly than that, I felt REFRESHED and ready to return to my regular 21 Day Fix program which at this point seemed like it would be a snap compared to what I had just accomplished.  I can tell you this, if you have had trouble getting back into your routine, this program is a great place to start.

Contact Me or like my Facebook Page to get some more information.  I can give you some easy tips for how to get through this 3 day challenge, but believe me it’s not bad and in fact you will be surprised at how much better you start feeling right away.

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