Our Thoughts Create Us

subconscious mind

When we are feeling like we will never lose weight and we have tried diet after diet, we can feel helpless!  It is a terrible feeling.  However, what we have to realize is that whatever we put in our minds will eventually become true for us.  Ask yourself, if someone else can lose weight, why can’t you?  Try putting positive images in your mind instead.  Replace the images of fear and doubt with positive images of success and happiness.  Eventually you will feel more powerful over your thoughts and your life.

Take for example, job interviews.  Some people find job interviews extremely stressful and say “I just don’t do well in interviews”.  Other people say “Even though I don’t always feel they go perfectly, I do pretty well at job interviews”.  Why is this?  Its not because the one person is actually better for the job, it’s because they don’t go in thinking negatively about the experience.  They go in with a positive mind set.  Then they either get the job or they don’t, but their chances are a lot higher because they are not distracted by negative thoughts.  Instead, their experience is entirely positive.

Whether it is losing weight or job interviews or anything else in life, you have to set yourself up with a positive mindset.  Perhaps you had a bad experience, or someone told you in the past that you were not going to be good at something, but the truth is – you can replace those thoughts with more positive ones and eventually your mind will start to believe you!  It’s true, the mind is a very complex thing, but it CANNOT distinguish the difference between what is real and what is imaginary.  Your mind cannot know the difference between a real threat and an imaginary threat.  This is why we react to bad dreams, scary movies, and even certain types of music or images.

Whatever belief we hold in our subconscious mind will become your reality!

  • Only 2-4% of what we do is our actual choice.
  • 96-98% of the time we are autopilot and our thoughts are controlling what we desire

What you hold in your mind you are attracted to in life!

  • Everything you are exposed to shapes your subconscious mind.
  • Be careful what you are listening to, watching, reading and even speaking.
  • Any stressful situation will produce a hormone called Cortisol in the body which is linked to weight gain.

We have nearly 60,000 thoughts a day and most of them we are not having on purpose!

  • Choose your thoughts!  Put positive thoughts and images into your mind each day.  This will put as much of your focus on positive thoughts as possible.
  • Bad memories of the past, or fear/anxiety over the future make up a large part of these thoughts and these negative thoughts become our reality if we do not control them.
  • Nothing is more important than your thoughts.  Negative thoughts change the biochemistry in your brain and release a hormone called Cortisol which is the stress hormone that is linked to weight gain.
  • Situations do not produce anxiety, your mind creates that when you start reacting to a situation.
  • Whenever you encounter a situation you are making more stressful, just take control of your thoughts.
  • Here is a video by Jeremy Bennett on the subconscious mind.

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