Shopping List for the 21 Day Fix

Creating the grocery list is simple with the 21 Day Fix.  The first step is to pick the foods you like from each category.

I plan out my protiens first, then I plan what I want to eat with each protein.  For the most part, everything is interchangable; however, if I want to eat a southwestern dish or chili with beans, then I know where I will put some of my carbs and fats.

Here is a sample of my day:

Breakfast – Shakeology (protein) + Banana (fruit) + Spinach (veggie)

Lunch – Chicken breast (protein) + sweet potatoes (carb) + Green Beans (veggie)

Afternoon Snack – Turkey breast (protein) + hummus (carb) + cucumber slices (veggie) + cantaloupe (fruit)

Dinner – Pork Chop (protein) + couscous (carb) + broccoli (veggie)

After Dinner – Strawberries (fruit)

Click below to see a list of each food category:

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