Simple Tips – 21 Day Fix

First of all order Shakeology which is a meal replacement shake.  This shake will serve as a red, green, and purple container for your daily meal plan.  The reason I drink Shakeology every day is that it is full of nutrients and super-foods.  In just one glass a day, your body gets all the nutrition it needs.  This is important to your diet because when your body has the proper nutrition, you don’t have cravings.  It is very important to balance your nutrition and get your body used to real nutrients and whole foods.  Watch this video on Shakeology to learn more.

Drink water, water and more water.  You need to flush the toxins out of your body.  Water is essential for weight loss.  Don’t drink anything else besides water.  It is ok to to have a cup of coffee in the morning or a cup of green tea later in the day.  The reason I eliminate all other beverages is that I need to focus on  my water intake or I do not get enough.

Now for the food, once you complete your calorie formula, you will know how many red, green, yellow, purple, blue, and orange containers you can use in the day.  Now you need to go shopping and stock up on things that you like to fill up your containers each day.  Your booklet will give you tons of suggestions, and in the meantime you can see what my favorite 21 Day Fix grocery ideas are.

I use ziploc bags to hold pre-measured out sizes of fruits, vegetables, and meats.  That way all I have to do is grab the correct number of bags each day.  Some I take to work for snacks and lunch.  Others I just pull out at home and put on a plate for microwaving.  Whether you are always at home or always on the go, this saves a ton of time and decision making if your food is all ready to go.

Lastly, you need to decide when to exercise.  If you just want to concentrate on your food for a few weeks, do not pressure yourself to exercise if you are not feeling up to it.  Food by far is the most important part of weight loss.  Pressuring yourself to do too much will just burn you out and make you quit, and the idea is to build a lasting change into your lifestyle.

If you can fit in some or all the workouts great.  You can always modify the 7 day plan and do a 3 day plan to get started (just do the upper body fix, lower body fix, and cardio fix once a week).  It’s very important to put your workouts on your calendar.  Assess your calendar and say, when are you most likely to do these workouts?  Do you need to cancel some other activities for a few weeks while you get in the groove of this?  21 days is only 3 weeks that you can dedicate to creating a new healthy lifestyle.  Don’t take on too much, but make sure you commit and finish!

Plan the meal prep, grocery shopping, and put the exercises on your calendar.  Set your alarm to remind yourself to eat and drink your water and do your exercises.  Do not miss any appointments for the full 3 weeks.  You can do it!  And if you have a bad day, just focus on the next day and do the best you can.  Do not let a slip up derail your progress, and don’t quit because you have a weak moment.  You have to learn how to get past setbacks and keep going!  Contact me for more information, questions, and FREE coaching services.

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