This is why we hate exercising


Ok, at first I just thought this was funny, but then it made me think of something else.  This is why we hate exercising.  We shouldn’t look at exercise like a way to lose weight and burn off calories we should not have eaten in the first place.  Nor should we look at food as a source of entertainment and enjoyment.  This is how we get into the continuous battle with our weight.  Since I started my journey a few years ago, everything I’ve done has centered around creating a healthier life.  If I have a healthy life and healthy habits, I will be in control of my weight and my health.

So I simply started exercising.  There is no bad exercise.  There are so many things we can do that will give a jump start to our health.  Do you know how to walk?  If you don’t think walking is exercise, walk faster or further.  Make sure you are stretching your muscles.  Try yoga or Pilates or lifting weights.  Ride your bike.  Go for a swim.  Just start moving your body and when something gets easy, try something else.

Make exercise a part of your weekly routine and don’t sacrifice it.  We need exercise to remain healthy and strong, both physically and mentally.

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