What If You Don’t Feel Like a Workout?


Not what you wanted to hear was it…. But it’s true.  There is no way around it, you have to do your workouts to stay healthy.  Now I’m not talking about if you are sick, or if you had another important event to attend.  After all, not every week will go smoothly or be the same.  I’m talking about when you just feel tired, or overwhelmed, or upset and distracted by things – you need to put that mood aside and go forward with your planned workout.  Missing a workout won’t solve anything!

There will be days you don’t feel like it.  There are lots of days I don’t feel like it either, but doing the workout will solve far more problems than not doing your workout.  Most likely you will feel better, but on the off chance you don’t you can go to bed tired and ready for the next day.  I’m sure the next day you won’t regret that you got your workout in, if anything I bet delayed gratification sets in and you are even happier you did that workout.  Particularly a few months later when you are closer to your goal, I’m sure you will really appreciate all the times you pushed yourself and did not let yourself continue with any unhealthy habits.

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