Will it get easier?

get better

It actually does get easier from a mental perspective.  You get used to pushing yourself, and you won’t dread the idea anymore because you will know that exercise and nutrition does make you feel better.  Also you will become more in touch with what your body can do.  For people who haven’t got much experience with exercise, it seems like they will never master it, but you will.  It’s not the Olympics, you can do it.  For those that are accustomed to athletics but it has been a while, you may surprised in a good way (or a bad way) that you can (or can’t) do as much as you used to.  Either way, you will adapt just as you did in the past.  Then when things become easy, we tend to get bored so we need to increase the challenge or we feel like we are wasting our time.  Without challenge it is difficult to stay motivated.

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