You Want It? Work For It.

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It’s natural to be motivated by vanity. Also, it’s entirely possible for you to look as good as you want to look.  You should never feel like you cannot attain a beautiful body, and you should not feel guilty for wanting a beautiful body.

What you have to recognize though, is that it takes work.  If you are willing to do the work and put in the time, then you can have the body of your dreams.  You can look better than you did in your 20’s even, but you have to do the work.  When you are setting your goals, set your short term goals in a realistic and achievable manner so that all your short term goals will add up to the ultimate achievement of your long term goal.

I’ve said in other posts that hoping to lose more than 1 lb a week is a little lofty.  Not because you cannot do it, but be careful of burnout.  You don’t want to use all your energy losing 10 lbs, only to take a month off and gain it back.  It is much better to just go slowly and keep it off.  You will get there.  Just remember, if you want it – work for it.  Don’t give up.

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