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My name is Kathleen and throughout my entire life, I have been in love with fitness. My mother often said I might end up breaking my neck if she didn’t put me in gymnastics by the time I was 3. As a child, I loved physical activities, getting stronger and trying new things. When you know what you are capable of, a tremendous source of confidence, not to mention strength of the mind and body can emerge.

Everything changed in 2009. During a bicycle ride home from the park, I fell and suffered the most painful injuries of my life. My left ankle and both wrists were completely swollen and I could not put pressure on them. Embarrassed, I got back up and continued towards my house. Though nothing was broken, the next day I was unable able to move. I didn’t know it at the time, but this event will ultimately teach me more about fitness and health than ever before.

After the accident, I slowly started to put on the pounds. Up until then, I had never been more than 5-10 lbs over my goal weight. I was devastated about the weight gain but more importantly angry that I couldn’t do anything about it. I was in so much pain from the accident, it was physically impossible for me to go to the gym. Over time, I lost sight of what I was eating, I wasn’t getting any form of exercise, and I began to accept this new lifestyle.

Although it was nice to have the extra free time (because I wasn’t at the gym), I decided in early 2012 I needed to get back in shape and regain my healthy lifestyle. By eating less and slowly getting back into my routine, I started to shed the weight. By the end of 2013, more than a year later, I loss a majority of the weight. Up until then, I didn’t truly understand how out of shape I had gotten in just a few years.

Though I had lost about 30 pounds at this point, I was far from where I wanted to be! When I realized the treadmill and weight lifting were working against these last stubborn pounds, I knew it had to be psychological. Around this time one of my good friends turned me on to Shakeology and the 21 Day Fix program. Just drinking the shakes made the biggest difference in my energy level and my cravings were gone! I could not believe I was finally not cheating on my diet and had more energy to do more complicated workouts.

I continued with Shakeology and the 21 Day Fix program throughout 2014 and 2015. During this time I pretty much had my eating and exercise habits down to a science again. I thought well you know I could try harder but I’m just not as young as I used to be and it is harder to push myself into spending that much time and energy doing harder workouts. You don’t get anywhere thinking that way, so the same friend introduced me to the 21 Day Fix EXTREME.

I had my reservations but this girl has known me for 20 years and has done all the same things I have. At the time, she had been a Beachbody coach for almost 2 years. I figured she knew a lot about the products and would not steer me wrong. I bought the 21 Day Fix EXTREME and progressed through an amazing journey through 2015.  I have finally reached my goal and as strong as I ever was.

Much to my surprise, I am really enjoying the business side of things as well. When I became a coach I thought it was just for the discount on my Shakeology, lol! After attending a few Super Saturdays, team meetings and meeting so many cool people, I really had to say maybe I should market this as my business.

As a former business owner, I know what it is like to work morning, noon and night. I did that for 6 years and finally closed it because it was so much work and not enjoyable. Being a Beachbody Coach is nothing like my old business. Its just fun, I get to help people and there is NO RISK. Beachbody is an amazing company and the products are incredible. If you are interested in learning more about my joinery to a healthy, fit life or any of the Beachbody products, get in contact with me.


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