Breakfast Options for 21 Day Fix

There are multiple ways to plan your meals.  I like to plan my meals around the protein I am eating, that way I can decide what I am in the mood for.  Even still so many things go together that there are literally tons of possibilities.  After I have selected my protein, I then decide if I am going to have a carb with this meal, and which carb.  Once you get the hang of switching out differnt proteins and carbs, you will naturally feel like you know when to eat veggies and fruits.

Every meal I eat contains a protein and a carb, then I usually include a veggie or a fruit or BOTH!

As far as when to use my fats, I decide that when I am building the meal if I need something like cheese or nuts go with my food and make it more interesting.  Since I cannot have a fat at every meal, I can either divide it up and have half a fat at one meal and half at the other.  Or I can just conserve and have them only with the meals I really want them.

  • Breakfast Option #1 – Drinking Shakeology is beneficial for multiple reasons, but in this example it is a very versitile breakfast option.  You can also squeeze in a veggie and a fruit which also makes the meal more filling.
  • Breakfast Option #2 – Greek yogurt as well as Oatmeal are long time breakfast staples.  Add in some fruit and you have a whole meal.  You can also switch your oatmeal for toast or another type of cereal if you like that better.
  • Breakfast Option #3 – Eggs are another long time breakfast staple, and talk about endless combinations with veggies, carbs, and fats.  Fruit naturally goes along with any egg dish as well.  Switch out hte tortilla for a pancake, waffle, english muffin or other carb.  Then pick either a veggie or a fruit to go along with the protein and carb and you will be full for hours.

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