Dinner Options for 21 Day Fix

Dinner is the meal I look forward to most.  I always want it to be good and relatively easy to prepare because I’m usually hungry and tired by the end of the day.

Crock pots and casaroles are also good ways to make a lot of food easily (if you are cooking for more than 1-3 people, or if you are wanting to keep leftovers on hand for lunches).

I prefer to cook dinner each night so that it is fresh and good.  Saute and grilling are the fastest ways to cook meat and fish, as well as veggies.  Most veggies can be steamed or headed up from frozen in teh microwave as well.  Baking meat or fish is good for me if I have time, or if I am pre-cooking meals for other days.

Side salads are an excellent way to get some veggies and easy to prepare.  Also they keep you sitting at the table longer so that you can enjoy your meal with your family and digest your food.  Remember it takes at least 15 minutes for your brain to realize you have eaten your meal!

  • Dinner Option #1 – For a traditional dinner you can basically season any meat or veggie (such as a pork chop and steamed broccoli).  I usually find some good quinoa salad mix in the grocery store that is easy to make as well.  There are a lot of options in the frozen and the boxed food isle that are natural, you just have to read labels.
  • Dinner Option #2 – Another oldie but goodie is the spaghetti with meat sauce.  This easy to prepare meal gives you everything you need (protein, carb and veggie all in one!).  You could easily make some extra and pack up for lunch the next day as well.  Easily add in a side salad, or maybe have a fruit for desert.
  • Dinner Option #3 – The prefect way to have all the foodgroups and please the family.  Grill or broil. If it’s summer, have some corn on  the cob too!  I also recommend a side salad to get in some more veggies and sit at the table longer eating.  Think about having strawberries or watermelon for desert if you still need a fruit.

The reason I wanted to highlight such standard American dinners is to show how easily the 21 Day Fix fits into your regular cooking patterns.  This meal plan is all about portion sizes and eating all the right food groups.  You can basically eat any food as long as you pair it with other foods and eat the proper portion sizes.

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