Lunch Options for 21 Day Fix

Every meal and snack should contain a protein (because you need to fit in 4 servings of protein per day).  This is why I always select my protein first and then build around it.

Most meals are going to also contain a veggie (because you need to fin in 4 servings of veggies per day as well).  Some meals, like salads, can double up on veggies though.  Dont worry though, eating green veggies will not create weight gain.  Certain other veggies such as sweet potatoes though, are not something that you will want to eat too much of.

Carbs should fit into 3 meals.  For me this is lunch, snack, and dinner.  You may wish to do it differently but this works well for me.

Fats will only fit into a few meals.  Sometimes you will get something fun like cheese or peanut butter, other times it will be less fun like using olive oil to cook the meat.

  • Lunch Option #1 – Create a salad with a protein such as chicken.  Although you could use tuna, salmon, or even eggs as your protein.  You could even double up on a protein at lunch if that suits you.  A salad is an easy place to double up on veggies too if you have trouble fitting them in.  Plus salads are a great way to use fats such as dressings, cheese, or nuts.
  • Lunch Option #2 – Create a sandwich with pita bread, whole wheat bread, or an english muffin.  You could use any meat, fish or eggs as the protein.  Avocado makes a great spread on crackers or breads, also you can find some yogurt based spreads, or use laughing cow cheese wedges as a spread.  Now throw in some side items like a fruit, carrots, or even a side salad and you have a great lunch.
  • Lunch Option #3 – Shakeology makes a great lunch option too, and again you can sneak in a serving of fruits and veggies.  I always keep fruit in the freezer so that I do not have to use ice.  This makes for a more creamy texture in the shake.  I usually use water, but this is a good place to incorporate coconut water or almond milk for flavor.  Using yogurt or 2% milk will also make for a thicker shake.

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