Snack Options for 21 Day Fix

Even in my snacks, I have a protein.  I tend to eat the same snack every day because that helps me pack my lunch quickly and grocery shop easily; however, there are so many great ideas for snacks so that if you need something to get you through the afternoon – your snack is a place you can be creative!

  • Snack Option#1 – Deli slices of turkey or ham are easy to prep and pack if you take your lunch and snack to work.  If you are not having a carb at this snack, you may wish a more substantial food like hummus (which also goes great with any vegetable).
  • Snack Option#2 – Hard boiled eggs also travel well if you pack your snack or need to just grab something out of the fridge on the go.  If you are having a carb, this is a good place to have crackers to crunch on.  Then throw in a fruit such as an apple, orange, or baby carrots – again something that you can easily eat on the go or while sitting at your desk or on break.
  • Snack Option#3 – Some people prefer drinking their Shakeology in the afternoon.  Perhaps they just like having prepared food at breakfast and lunch, or maybe it is the endless options for making your shake into a treat?  Additionally it takes only a couple minuts to make a shake, so another great on the go option!

There are so many foods that you can organize into ziplock bags or containers, or even buy prepackaged in the store (like apples, carrots, crackers, dips like hummus or guacamole, yogurt, laughing cow wedges, and more).

NEVER SKIP YOUR SNACK – this will almost always lead to being too hungry at dinner.  You may think you can control it, but often our eating gets out of hand when we have gone too long without food.  Also, it is better for your metabolism to eat small to medium size meals.

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