Treats You can make for 21 Day Fix

Sometimes you may prefer to save a carb (maybe don’t have a carb at dinner), but use that carb later as a “treat”.  It’s better to reward yourself with something that fits in your plan, than to be in a situation where you decide to binge on something that thows you off track.

There are several recipes you can find that will allow you some flexibility in your diet:

The portion size is the key to this.  You cannot overeat on the treats and exepct to get results.  It may be better to find a prepackaged option or once you make the batch, go ahead and package them individually to keep yourself from grabbing more than you should out of the container.

You can also swap out one of your carbs for a glass of red wine.

There are lots of ways to keep yourself on track if you are committed to the plan.  Of course it is no fun to abstain from wine or sweets while others are able to indulge.  Just remember, they may not have the same goals as you.

Don’t allow yourself to feel deprived in the moment.  Instead remember this is a choice you are making for your own happiness.  You may be less happy in the moment, but you will achieve somthing that brings you long term happieness if you stick to your plan.

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