What is the key to getting results?

small improvements

Small daily improvements are the key to getting results.  It is common to give up and go back to old habits when things are not working, but the best way to get them to work is to just focus on making small daily changes.  Pick one thing to work on each week.  I like the easy stuff first.  My two favorites are drinking water and getting enough sleep.  Those are free, easy, and totally within your control.  If you go to bed late one night, you can just make up for it the next night.  If you have trouble remembering to drink your water, get three water bottles (1 L each) and drink all three at work, then come home fill then up again.

The reason it is so important to get these small things down first is that sleep is so important to our moods.  Being too tired will result in poor choices like skipping a workout or eating too much.  Hydration is equally important right up front because it will help keep you full and energized, also your body absorbs nutrients much better when you are properly hydrated.  Hydration helps you sleep better too.

Another small change that will give big results is drinking your Shakeology every day.  One serving of Shakeology contains 100% of your daily nutrition.  Again, keeping your body primed for optimal nutrient absorption will serve many purposes at once.  The other benefit of getting your nutrients in a daily dose of nutrition is that you will have fewer cravings.  The body craves things it needs, and often these cravings sabotage our best efforts, so the best defense is a daily dose of super foods.  Watch the video on Shakeology to learn everything that is inside one glass.  There is no way you can buy all that, prepare it, and eat it in the same easy way that you can prepare and drink your Shake.  This is simply the easiest improvement you can make.

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